Friends Forever



Making   one   person   smile   can..
Change   the    world..

May  be   not   the   whole   world..
But   their    world..

Start   small.   start   now..


One   Word   That    Comes   To   My   Mind..
Whenever    i    see   you   is   awesome..
Yes   you   the   awesome   reason..
Of   my   life...
You    are   too   good   to   be   true..
It's   only   YOU   my    FRIEND..

I miss you so much


Feelings    Never    Change..
It    is   you   &    me.   who   do..
I    have   never   felt   anything   like  this..
It's    so    strange   and   blue..
I    think   i    am   missing   you  a  lot...
YES.!   You   are   i   my   every   thought..

Beautiful Dream

Beautiful Dream 

Like wings of a hummingbird
My heart flutters feverishly
My passion burning like fire
I feel heat where my lungs would be

From deep down in my soul
To the ends of every strand of hair
I quiver with excitement
Of the feeling of you being there

I close my eyes
And take you in
I smell your smell
I feel your skin

My fingers tremble
My toes begin to curl
My breathing heavy’s
My thoughts start to whirl

I reach out my hand
To touch your sweet lips
The thought of you near me
Makes my heartbeat skip

My hand swoops through the air
Like a hawk on its prey
I reach for you and feel for you
But to my hands dismay

There’s nothing there but dust and air
To grab and pull my way
I hold my breath and loosen my grip
My heart goes cold and grey

I fill my lungs with empty air
That’s cold and stings like ice
My heartbeat slows and the rhythm dies
And tears fall once, then twice

The hours, days and weeks of time
Cannot erase our love
That longing for your touch and kiss
Recreate all that I know of

My mind plays tricks, my eyes see you
I get caught up in what seems
The memory that I have of you
Creates the fantasy in my dreams

Even though I hate to wake
And find you nowhere near
If dreams are all I have of you
I’ll dream to feel you here.

I'm just dying for him..

"The point is that everyone is dying for something. Some for power, some for money, others for fame ... And I ...? I am simple - I'm just dying for him..."

You make my life complete

You are the flame in my heart 
You light my way in the dark 
You are the ultimate star 

You lift me from up above 
Your unconditional love 
Takes me to paradise 

I belong to you 
And you 
You belong to me too 

You make my life complete 
You make me feel so sweet 

You make me feel so divine 
Your soul and mind are entwined 
Before you I was blind 

But since I've opened my eyes 
And with you there's no disguise 
So I could open up my mind 

I always loved you from the start 
But I could not figure out 
That I had to do it everyday 

So I put away the fight 
Now I'm gonna live my life 
Giving you the most in every way 

I belong to you 
And you 
You belong to me too 

You make my life complete 
You make me feel so sweet ...


If   you   want   your  love  to  be  perfect..
Then   you   have    to   look   beyond..
Everything.   Because.  love   itself..
Is   perfect   and   supreme..

Smile please

I    have    decided   to  be   happy..
Because   it   is   good   for..
My   health..