Biggest Problem In Love: ..♥

Good Guy Gets Wrong Girl..
Good Girl Gets Wrong Guy..
They Fall In Love
Good Ones Get Cheated.. Now The Good Guys Thinks, All
Girls Are Fraud..

Good Girls Thinks,
All Guys Are Flirts.. .
. . .
When Good Guy Meets
Good Girl,
They Avoid Falling In Love
Become Just Good Friends..!

♥ What Is Love ♥

-Love Is When I See These Pictures,
& Feel You In Every Drop Of My Blood..

-Love Is When You Can't Sleep,
Bcoz Ur Reality Is Better Than Your Dreams..

-Love Is When You Cant Sleep,
Because You Cant Stop Thinking About Them..

-Love Is When You Cant Talk,
Bcoz U Are Afraid U Are Going To Say Something Stupid..

-Love Is When U Barely Move,
Bcoz U Are Scared U Will Do Something Dumb..

-Love Is When You Stare At The Phone;
For Hours Hoping That Theyll Call..

-Love Is When The Only Thing;
That Makes You Feel Better Is Their Smile..

-Love Is When;
People Can Say Anything To U Or About U;
And You Just Dont Care..

-Love Is When You Get Online,
And You Sit There For Hours And Wait,
For Their Annoying Sound,
So You Can Finally Talk To Them..

-Love Is When You Find Someone;
That You Can Tell Everything & U Are Sure,
They Wont Make Fun Of You..

-Love Is When You Can Just Wake Up;
And Have Make-Up Running Down Your Face From Crying,
And Theyll Still Say: "You Are Beautiful.."

-Love Is When;
They Would Do Anything To See U Smile..

-Love Is When They Are Dying,
And The Last Thing They Want Is;
To Hear Your Voice One Last Time..

-Love Is When;
Every Song Reminds You Of Them..

-Love Is The Scar,
Across Your Chest When You Lose It....♥