You changed my world with a blink of an eye
That is something that I can not deny
You put my soul from worst to best
That is why I treasure you my dearest Marites
You just don't know what you have done for me
You even pushed me to the best that I can be
You really are an angel sent from above
To take care of me and shower with love
When I'm with you I will not cry even a single a tear
And your touch have chased away all of my fear
You have given me a life that I could live worthwhile
It is even better everytime you smile
It so magical those things you've made
To bring back my faith that almost fade
Now my life is a dream come true
It all began when I was loved by you

Now I have found what I am looking for
It's you and your love and nothing more
Co'z you have given me this feeling of contentment
In my life something I've never felt
I wish I could talk 'til the end of day
But now I'm running out of things to say
So I'll end by the line you already know
"I LOVE YOU" more than what I could show.

Happy Independence Day 2014

"How Can We Forget Our Tricolor Flag"

Of Our Loving India Which Winds Up Very High!!!!!
Let’s Salute And Honor This....

You're more beautiful

You're more beautiful than a satiny pink rose,
more beautiful than a starlit sky,
more beautiful than a magenta sunset,
more beautiful than the
early morning rays of the sun,
more beautiful than a haunting romantic song.
I love nothing more than being with you.
I'd rather be with you than
do anything else in the world.

The sound of your voice soothes
something deep inside me
while at the same time,
it stirs a romantic passion
that can make me forget everything else.
Your smile makes my heart pound wildly
and my knees weak.
I love to fantasize about making love to you.
I can picture us entwined in a garden of pink.
I would stare into your eyes,
enthralled by all that you are...
by a beauty that's incomparable.
There's no one like you,
and you're my one and only.

There's only one way to describe love:


There's only one way to
describe love:
Close your eyes...
Take a deep breath...
Who can you see?
Who can you smell? Who's voice can you hear?
Who's hug can you feel?
Why are you smiling?
When there's only one
answer to those
questions... That's love.

Couple Married for 62 Years Die on Same Day

Don and Maxine Simpson travelled the world together. After their wedding in 1952, they moved to Germany and spent the next few years in Europe.

CALIFORNIA: A couple married for almost 62 years have died on the same day in Bakersfield, California.

Don and Maxine Simpson passed away within four hours of each other last month at their granddaughter's home, where they spent their last days together.

Simpson, 90, and his 87-year-old wife suffered from illness in recent years but had travelled the world in the early years of their marriage.

"They did a lot of amazing things" together, their granddaughter Melissa Sloan told the Bakersfield Californian.

The couple met on a chance night out at the local bowling alley in the town of Bakersfield.

Simpson took a shine to his future wife but forgot to get her number, later driving to her house to ask her on a date.

He proposed within six months, mainly because of their plans to travel the world according to their granddaughter.

After their wedding in 1952, they moved to Germany and spent the next few years in Europe.

They adopted twin 18-month-old boys from a German orphanage before returning to the US.

Back in Bakersfield, Maxine resumed nursing and her husband ran his own engineering business until 1995.

Sloan said her grandparents held hands as they lay dying.

Maxine Simpson died at 7Am on July 21 and after her body was taken from the room, her husband's breathing became laboured and he died within an hour.

"When her body left the room his soul left with her," their granddaughter said.