♥ What Is Love ♥

-Love Is When I See These Pictures,
& Feel You In Every Drop Of My Blood..

-Love Is When You Can't Sleep,
Bcoz Ur Reality Is Better Than Your Dreams..

-Love Is When You Cant Sleep,
Because You Cant Stop Thinking About Them..

-Love Is When You Cant Talk,
Bcoz U Are Afraid U Are Going To Say Something Stupid..

-Love Is When U Barely Move,
Bcoz U Are Scared U Will Do Something Dumb..

-Love Is When You Stare At The Phone;
For Hours Hoping That Theyll Call..

-Love Is When The Only Thing;
That Makes You Feel Better Is Their Smile..

-Love Is When;
People Can Say Anything To U Or About U;
And You Just Dont Care..

-Love Is When You Get Online,
And You Sit There For Hours And Wait,
For Their Annoying Sound,
So You Can Finally Talk To Them..

-Love Is When You Find Someone;
That You Can Tell Everything & U Are Sure,
They Wont Make Fun Of You..

-Love Is When You Can Just Wake Up;
And Have Make-Up Running Down Your Face From Crying,
And Theyll Still Say: "You Are Beautiful.."

-Love Is When;
They Would Do Anything To See U Smile..

-Love Is When They Are Dying,
And The Last Thing They Want Is;
To Hear Your Voice One Last Time..

-Love Is When;
Every Song Reminds You Of Them..

-Love Is The Scar,
Across Your Chest When You Lose It....♥

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