Definition of Love...

it makes you cry... makes u hate yourself sometimes...
you may get away from other people to be with the one you love..
you spent sleepless nights ,
you apologise even when you know
... you are right..
you give up your happiness to see that someone smile..
you have to face possesivness of your lover..
you feel u need space in ur life...
N someday u think like:


but then, Love,
makes you smile when you are sad.
makes you love life even more..
it makes u strong to face the world..
you smile just by remembering that someone..
you spent sleepless nights because you love to talk to that someone..
that someone makes u feel so special... endless laughs....
so many love to reply your
the moment u r in their arms,
Nothing else in da world
those hugs n kisses are the best possesions of ur life.....!♥!

Thumbs up for these sweet feelings of love !♥!

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