"What is cheating in a relationship/ marriage?"

Cheating doesn't mean youhave to kiss, meet or have sex with a third party. Once you find yourself deleting texts and e-mails so your partner won't see them, you are already there.

Its like a cancer it develops slowly but you will surely feel the pain when its fully grown. The funny thing is most of the times, people try to
find what they already have because they don't just appreciate what they have.

Remember the grass may look green on the other side but what if you could just invest time and energy by watering the one that you have. Wouldn't the world be a better place to be today? Can you imagine how strong your relationship would be if you would not waste your energy, resources and time on things that have no future!

Secret, small, hidden relationships are like ticks, they suck all the good things out of your marriage or relationship and makes it unstable. it will take you more effort to repair what you would have damaged and the sad thing is sometimes those wounds might never heal.

Stop sexing and flirting with those people- Yes you know them. Imagine your partner (Husband/wife) reading the messages that you receive, would he/she reply with a free heart on your behalf???? Ifthe
answer is NO, then that is an unhealthy chat/talk that you are having, Stop it before its too late. Some mistakes will cost you for a life time yet you could have just avoided them by just
ignoring that chick/ dude who now loves you because you have been turned into a better 'asset' by your current partner. Where were they when you were doWN?
Please may you all get rid of all the parasitic
relationships that will always be a threat to
your relationships' health.
Fight for what is right and never give up on
the one you Love. Yes l said health because
you have to know and take care of
it just like your body. Love it as you love
your body, maintain it as you maintain your
skin, teeth, hair and nails. True love means
hard-work. Do not apply if you are not
prepared to take the risks. Stay out of a
relationship if you still want to fool around
(but that has its own price) because a
relationship calls for great deal of commitment.
Most of the young people think that they will start being faithful when they
get married- Word of Advise (You can never
teach an old dog new tricks) That is why they are so many broken familes because people
think they still have time to adjust.
Start practicing being true to yourself. when
no one is watching u because that's who you really are. Besides its by nature that what goes around comes around- Do you think the person that you got out of a secret affair will stop just because you are now with her/him?



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