Ways To Keep Relationship Working"

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1. Love Each Other Sincerely.
2. Don't lie.
3. Keep communication open.
4. When you get hurt, forgive and
5. Never talk about break-ups.
6. Never say "it's okay", even
when it's not.
7. Forget about "pride".
8. If you say sorry, mean it.
9. Don't compare your past, with
your present.
10. Give & take process.

11. Don't talk about your ex's.
12. Beware of his/her feelings.
13. When you had a fight, don't let
the day pass.
14. Don't be only partners, but
15. Don't flirt with another guy/
16. HAVE FUN, go out!
17. Don't treat their forgiveness
like it's expected.
18. Don't hide what you're
thinking, tell them.
19. Remember; we all make
mistakes & have pasts.
20. Don't question each others

21. Don't take him/her for
22. Never go to bed angry.
23. Don't be afraid to be you!
24. Have time, energy & effort.
25. Don't lose yourself in the 'us'.
26. Don't say things you don't
27. Little things make big
28. Give each other space, don't
be over
29. Don't be the Perfect One, Be
the Right One....

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