Every minute in an hour

Every minute in an hour 
every hour in my day
i wonder if thats really
what you mean to say
i wonder if you find it better
or if you regret it all
i wonder what you thought
when i cried inside the bathroom stall
i wonder if you ever cared
or if you lied all along.
i wonder if you think your right
or completely wrong
i wonder if you ever stop and think
of all the pain you put me through
i wonder if you'll ever realize
no one will love you like i loved you

i wonder if you ever thought
it was a mistake to leave me all alone
with my heart in an ache
i wonder if you ever wonder
what i think or feel
i wonder if ill ever get 
the time i need to heal
i wonder if one day we'll
get back to bieng best friends ever
or stay strangers forever
somtimes i wish we could go back
to when it was you+me
only one things for sure
and this quote should fit
"you never know what you have untill you lose it"

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