You're more beautiful

You're more beautiful than a satiny pink rose,
more beautiful than a starlit sky,
more beautiful than a magenta sunset,
more beautiful than the
early morning rays of the sun,
more beautiful than a haunting romantic song.
I love nothing more than being with you.
I'd rather be with you than
do anything else in the world.

The sound of your voice soothes
something deep inside me
while at the same time,
it stirs a romantic passion
that can make me forget everything else.
Your smile makes my heart pound wildly
and my knees weak.
I love to fantasize about making love to you.
I can picture us entwined in a garden of pink.
I would stare into your eyes,
enthralled by all that you are...
by a beauty that's incomparable.
There's no one like you,
and you're my one and only.

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