I love you

I love you
for making each day of my life beautiful,
and all my life's tasks seem worthwhile.
For as I go through my day, no matter
how rough it gets, I can think of you and smile.

I love you
for sharing all the moments of my life
and letting me talk, laugh, and dream beside you.

I love you
for letting me speak my mind, and when
I am through, carefully considering the way I feel,
for letting me be myself, helping me to realize
who that really is, always inspiring me to pursue
ideals that are lasting and real.

I love you
for filling me with passion's desire, giving me
more love than I thought any person ever could.
For making me realize my full potential as a person
when I return your love the way God meant I should.

I love you
for standing back when I need to be alone,
always sharing the sunshine and shadows of my days.
For your comfort when I am weary, your strength
when the world seems too much to handle.

I love you
for all of these, for the promise of a lifetime together.
For because of you, I have learned the true meaning
of the words... I love you.(( 
heart emoticon

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