I dream a dream which i hope will come true
ya, u guess it right . its a dream of me and u .. 

The dream of our wedding day
when u will come on a white horse and take me
away .. 

Dream of a day when u will be on u r knees proposing me
its my favorite dream which i love to see... 

Dream of a day when we will say yes, i do
that day everyone will know that u love me and i
love u too.. 

dream of a day when i will b u r bride and u will be my groom
when we will dance together in a ballroom.. 

Dream of a day when i ll be in a white dress
and we will out of each and every mess... 

Dream of a day when i will walk down the aisle
dream of the day when i will have a world best smile ... 

Dream of a day when all my dream will come true
when finally i will get u .. 

but there's a problem i don't know it will happen or not i
don't have any clue ... </3

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