You make my life

You make my life
Truly worth living
When you let me feel
That I am worth loving
I feel the importance
Of my existence
And appreciate life
And its very essence

♥Love Makes all things Beautiful♥

Love makes me see
The beauty of life
And lets me overcome
All trials and strife
Because of your love
I learn how to strive
To surpass the challenge
And make all things right

♥You are my Happiness♥

When things become
Too hard to bear
And all my dreams
Tend to fail and shatter
Or when obstacles
Allow me to suffer
You’re there to help me
And make me feel better

♥You Are My Strength♥

It is your love that
Keeps me strong
You make me smile
When I feel so alone
And when my paths
Tend to go wrong
You lead the way
And walk with me along

♥You are my courage♥

You always show me
That you really care
You never let me worry
Each time I get scared
You ease my burdens
And chase my fears away
You give me hope
When things seem to fail

♥Love Makes Things Worthwhile♥

To me you are
The meaning of love
You have what it takes
To fill an empty heart
A very special gift
From heaven above
I would not ask for more
For you are what I have

♥You complete me♥

You make my life
So worth living
It’s the very reason
Why I keep going
For in you I’ve found
What I’ve been searching
That makes my life complete
Because you are my everything

♥I are my whole world♥

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