Things You Should Tell Everyday to Your Loved Ones

*1 I Respect You

There’s nothing more important than respect in a relationship. If you respect him, he respects you. Respect can go a long way because it shows that in your relationship, you guys are equals. No one should be more superior to the other when it comes to a relationship or else it won’t end up well. Respect is always wanted, not only with relationships, but with friendships as well. So, show respect to your significant other. Not only should you show it, but you should also say it. Because saying it and showing it will prove your true intentions and they will appreciate the respect.

*2 You Are My Favorite

When in a relationship, you are significant other should be your best friend and your lover. Because of that person, you feel as if you are complete and that your world wouldn’t go round without them. You want them to know, that of all the people you know, all the friends you have, that they are the one that means the most to you. You want them to feel special. You want them to feel loved. Hey, when you make them feel wanted and loved, they will do the same in return. But just let them know how important they are to you. Everyone loves to be told how important they are to someone.

*3 I Love It When You…

Give them little compliments about the things they do. Compliment the way they cook, the way they play a certain sport, the way the play the guitar. Just compliment something that they are good at or at least put a great amount of effort into. Nothing is better than knowing that your hard work is being appreciated by someone. It doesn’t have to be something so big and obvious. You can just simply do little, simple compliments that he or she wouldn’t even notice they do. Just mention you love it. It will make their day.

*4 You Are So Hot

Physical attraction isn’t on the top of the list when it comes to a relationship, but it sure is a factor! When you compliment your significant other, they will feel flattered and flattery is great, no matter whom the compliment comes from. It will make their day, I can assure you. Not only should you say that they are hot, but you should also use other phrases such as “you are so beautiful” or “you are so handsome” or “you look so cute” today. You want your partner to know that you still find them attractive and that you still want them. Compliments make it seem like you are falling in love with that person everyday.

*5 I Love You

You should always say I love you to who you love everyday, whether a significant other or not because you won’t be sure when you will be able to say it again. But in a relationship, it is really important to remind them that you love them. They need to know what you still care and that you’d move mountains for them. Everyone needs to feel some love and hearing those three words can make anyone’s day. You just want your partner to know how much they mean to you and you can’t make them think that you love them any less. Tell them you love them everyday!

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