For you

This poem I write
As I sit and I wait,
Because I’m inspired,
By this twist of fate.

Though you’re in the shower,
I’m out here alone,
But I won’t be for long,
‘Cause you’re finally home.

Right here in my arms
Is where you belong,
Any other place simply
Would only work for so long.

But since fate intervened
And brought us together,
I know I’ll never let go,
I want to keep you forever.

Every time that I see you,
It makes my whole night.
All my pain goes away,
Everything just seems right.

I’ve been alone for so long,
You’re a miracle to me,
I always promise to love you,
And love endlessly.

We now have our own chance,
To do this thing right,
And I won’t be so foolish,
To let you out of my life.

So come to my arms,
You’ve been away for too long,
You’re finally home,
This is where you belong

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