For you

The one thing I'm sure about,
Is how I feel about you in my heart,
For several years we have been stout,
Even when we have been apart.

Something happened or something changed,
I gave you reason to turn away,
Of this I'm sure that I must be deranged,
To let the most beautiful flower turn and fray.

My heart is empty because we're apart,
I have just one wish,
That you take my heart,
I know our love would be a swish.


I know that I have hurt you much,
And hurt our love in such a way,
A love that I thought none could touch,
Yet I can't believe we can not stay.

We brought together two of the same parts,
In such a very special way,
As I remember the time we've spent sharing our hearts,
It hurts so much this last time I replay.

I try to think of only the good time we played,
Then I see the last bad day,
My heart hurts so much when I see what we've made,
We cant let our special love go - I say nay.

Rarely do two people find a soul mate,
One to share everything with,
The good and the bad are just some bait,
It is the hard core essence which to most is a myth.

You are the love of my life my thoughts and my dreams,
From morning to night,
All I can think about is how good it seems,
If you can find it in your heart to love me - it's right.

I lay awake all night lying in bed,
Recanting all of the time we have been in love,
So many things swim in my head,
Yet all I can wish for is you, my perfect fit, my glove.

I have tears in my eyes,
I want to lay down with my strife,
I don't know how I can survive,
Without you as the love of my life.

Please give me just one more chance,
To prove to you how good our love can be,
I feel so strongly I must take a stance,
We were meant for each other - that is my plea.

It's not just the love I have for you,
It's more than just the two of us,
It Lauren and KC I love very much too,
A family four which to me is a plus.

Please here my cry and need for your heart,
When we are together I am happy as can be,
I can't stand to live another day apart,
When we are so close and I am madly in love with thee.

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