Your love to me is precious

Your love to me is precious
I hope you always see
My love is alive and well
Every time you look at me
I think of you each morning
Every afternoon and night
When we are together
You are my sweet delight


You always wear a smile
Every time we meet
Then you always kiss me
With kisses oh so sweet
With you I don’t have to pretend
That my feeling are real
A long time ago
My heart you did steal
You stole it because I let you
I wanted you into my life
I couldn’t bear to see you leave
That would have cut like a knife
So always remember
No matter what the day
Thoughts of you constantly
Always come my way
I hope what we have now
Will some how last forever
Because if it were up to me
I would leave you never
Because I love you so much
More than I could ever say
And I will love you always
More and more every day
I know that some times
Times may get rough and hard
But I promise you this
This we will never be apart
I know I hurt you are times
But that’s never what I wanted
Every time I see you cry
Your tears leave me haunted
All I ever wanted to do
Was to make you happy
But I always do mistakes
How can I be so crappy
I just want you to know
That I am not really bad
Just knowing that you are unhappy
Makes so much more than just sad
I can never ever hurt you
Even if my life is on the line
You mean everything to me
And your happiness is mine
So please forgive me dear
For all the wrong I have in me
I am here asking for forgiveness
Getting down on my knee
I want to spend my life with you
My doubts and fears with you
I never want to loose you
I know my love for you is true

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