You’re the one for me

You’re the one for me
In my heart I feel like we were meant to be
I have been so lonely and so blue,
But that's was way before I met you.
I’ve never fallen in love so fast,
I just hope this feeling will always last.


On the wings of an eagle,
My love for you flies.
Soaring higher and higher,
And touching the skies.

I reached up above,
And pulled a star from the sky.
To place it within,
Your precious gorgeous eye.

To dwell there forever,
As my love for you.
On the wings of our love,
Enduring and true.

Your lips are my lips,
My heart is your heart.
Never let it be, further than,
Just a breath apart.

You’re in my dreams nightly,
Don’t take my love lightly.
Begging on bended knees,
Please don't stop loving me.

When i lay me down to sleep,
I pray the the lord your love i keep.
If i should die before i wake,
I’ll come back for you, that’s no mistake.

So, forever my darling,
My love will be true.
Always and forever,
I love just you. 

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